Eric Asimov Live From Fisher Family Hall

Brian Garrick Arts & Ideas, Food For Thought, Recorded Live At JCCSF — By on December 20, 2012 2:08 pm

New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov says there’s something wrong with how our culture approaches wine.  We have become subject to the “tyranny of the tasting notes,” think that we need to read books before we drink it and need classes on “wine appreciation.” This malarkey is based on our fear of making a mistake. For Eric, wine is mysterious, not comprehensible, and cannot be boiled down to definite flavors and aromas that can be captured. Eric says we shouldn’t demystify wine but rather remystify it, appreciating the fact that great wine is out of our control, that we don’t know how it ages or evolves or how flavors enter it that don’t taste anything like grapes. We want a pre-affirmation of our purchasing decisions, but one of the great joys is picking the wrong bottle and having it turn out better than the right one.


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