Matti Friedman Live From Fisher Family Hall

Stephanie Singer Arts & Ideas, Recorded Live At JCCSF — By on December 11, 2012 2:51 pm

AP correspondent Matti Friedman was looking to report on something other than “The Situation” when he went to Israel’s national museum in 2008 and saw a case exhibiting a thousand year old manuscript known as the Aleppo Codex a floor below the Dead Sea Scrolls.  He understood from the labels in the gallery that this was Judaism’s most important manuscript — the perfect copy of Hebrew Bible — and the gap between how important it clearly was and the fact that he’d never heard of it struck him as something worth exploring.  Little did he know at that time that he would spend more than four years trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Aleppo Codex, including how it arrived in Israel and why it’s missing 200 pages.  And the story is full of intrigue: theft, espionage, conspiracy and murder.  While questions remain unanswered, at heart, this is a story of the Jews of Islamic lands, a lost world, and the birth of a nation.

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