Maccabi Athletes Give Back to Houston Children

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Tuesday  was all about Tikkun Olam, as each athlete, artist, coach and chaperone took a day away from their competition and learning, and gave back to the community.

This year’s project was called Sharing Hearts, and share we did as the athletes met, played and learned with children from various camps across the City.  The teens and their campers were exposed to art through projects created by the Art Museum of Houston, and exposed to dance through a partnership with the National Dance Institute.   All of the delegation happily participated and talked about the event long after it was over.






Athletes continued playing their sorts yesterday, although their schedules were shortened because of JCC Cares.  We begin again this morning at 8 a.m.

JCCSF Director of Athletics and Aquatics Craig Salgado confers with the basketball team.










Learning to fillet a salmon.




ArtsFest teens are doing incredible work in their workshops.  The highlight of my day was going into the culinary arts kitchen and watching as the teens learned how to “butcher” a salmon and create beautiful filets.







Those teens who didn’t want to play with the fish were excused, of course, so there is a picture of our own Gabby with some beautiful herbs.










Finally: Dave & Busters.  Teens played video games to their hearts’ content, bowled, played pool and danced the night away.  By the time the evening was over and they were picked up by host families (by 10 p.m), they were ready for bed.  At least the coaches and chaperones were ready for bed.  I think the athletes were ready to go home, shower and hang out with their new host siblings.












Today — Wednesday — play continues with medal rounds beginning later this afternoon,  followed by host family night.



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