Let the (Maccabi) Games Begin: Houston, Day 2

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While Sunday night marked the official beginning of the JCC Maccabi Experience, with a very moving Opening Ceremony, today the Games and ArtsFest really began.  Athletes started rolling out to their games at 6:30 a.m., some driven directly by the host families, some getting on a bus at the JCC and riding with the other athletes visiting Houston to their first of many Games.  Often the ride over is the highlight of the day – athletes get to meet teens from all across the country.  Many of them form strong bonds which last well into adulthood.

All of the San Francisco teams and individuals did very well today.  While this doesn’t always show in the score, teams learned how to play and compete together, how to be gracious in victory and in defeat.  For those interested in scores, you can find those posted on the Houston JCC web site:  www.erjcchouston.org.  However, the scores only tell a part of the story.

The other part, the part we are most interested in, is how the teens have bonded and become friendly.  These teens not only hang out together, they play together, eat together, even talk to members of the opposite sex together.  They support one another when they play and then support one another off the playing field.

Culinary team spent the day baking.  They have made quite a few lucious deserts including chocolate mousse, lemon parfait and many more – the list was pretty extensive.

Vocal Music spent the day with their AIR, Beth Shaffer, and Rock & Roll/Jazz jammed with Joel Nelson.  Dance Team was very busy and is looking forward to connecting with the other ArtsFest dancers tomorrow.


Girls Volleyball did not see any wins, but they grew stronger with each match they played. The volleys grew longer, the team worked well together, and I look forward to some exciting matches on Tuesday.

Basketball was very surprising. Both teams fought some hard-won games, often coming from behind for their wins.





And baseball — my personal favorite.  The teens played hard, even though they were playing in temperatures that reached the mid-90s.  Because the team has only 10 players, everyone plays and contributes.

This evening we drove to Gordon Ranch, campsite for the ERJCC.  At the ranch, teens enjoyed a BBQ dinner and a night of swimming, games, dancing and fun!  Everyone had a great time, but left the evening tired and ready to rest up for tomorrow, when we not only compete but participate in our day of Social Action – JCC Cares.

And finally, the armadillos…

And now, for me: time for bed.  With the alarm set for 2.5 hours from now, it is time to get ready for another day of fun, competition, parties and of course – the heat!




Jackie Lewis

Director, Recreation Department




JCC Maccabi Games and JCC Maccabi ArtsFest – Houston 2012!

Teens ages 13 – 16, join us this summer.  For more info – www.jccsf.org/maccabi

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