‘Singapore Slugger’ Zachary Atlas To Compete in JCC Maccabi Games

Zachary Atlas, 13, will head to his first JCC Maccabi Experience this summer in Houston.


While Zachary Atlas is from San Francisco, and recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah  at Temple Emanuel, he spends most of the year in Singapore, where his father works.  He is home for the summer and will be traveling with the JCCSF to Houston for the JCC Maccabi Games.

At the age of 13, this will be his first time he’s taken part in the Maccabi Experience. He chose to participate in the baseball event, “because it’s the sport I’ve been playing since I was 8,” he said  in a recent interview.

“As soon as I started playing it, I loved it. I have so much respect for the game and for the people that have played it, people such as Roberto Clemente and Jackie Robinson. After playing baseball for five years, I’ve learned to love and respect it.”

Atlas plays baseball in Singapore, where he studies during the school year.

“And when I come back to the US, I continue to play baseball here,” he said.

Zack said that he loves playing sports “because I think it’s a great way to get out and have fun.”

It also suits his competitive nature.

“I like to be competitive and sports are a great way to do that. I especially love being a competitive baseball player, and after coming from an Asian community as an American, I’ve really been able to see how competitive they are, which in turn is now reflecting on me.”

His greatest success as an athlete so far has been playing for a Travel Ball team that is now, he says, ranked in the Top 20 in the Nation.

Asked why he wanted to spend a week of his summer vacation attending the JCC Maccabi Experience, his answer was simple.

“To play a sport that I love and have fun doing it, while also meeting new people.”

So how will this competitive young man measure success for his JCC team this summer?

“Winning would be nice, but I think what’s most important is for us to all have fun.”



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  1. Abba Niv says:

    zach gets around, has fun playing baseball,sees the world, and speaks mandarin! good base for a job at the UN in a few years time. learn to speak softly, but always carry a big bat behind you (see Teddy Roosevelt.)

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