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Susan Kirshenbaum Style — By on December 29, 2011 9:05 am

Men, get ready for 2012, because it does matter what you look like.

And, women, please find your legs and get out there with some of the most fun legwear in years.

So, men, you’ve really got hats again, but with SF’s being not so cold, don’t get silly, get stylish: Wear those beautiful hats of the 60s, 50s, 40s and on back. They keep your head warm, too!

Then, if you can move beyond headgear, let’s think about getting our clothes to fit.

Shirts are meant to fit well. Now it’s actually a trend! There are stores popping up with custom shirts, so they really, really fit. And they can be truly beautiful, in colors and fabrics that make you happy. I’m just saying, European styling. Think, “I’ve been working out, why not let people know?”

Um, and you guessed it, the same goes for pants; I mean, they ought to fit. Check out Zara (Spanish store now in SF), and you’ll see what I mean.

And how about colors? Try to think of what looks good on you and punch extra hard. Take some time to style yourself this season. Check out what looks good on other guys.

Still want the easy approach to feeling stylish? Go for a hat. We are so lucky to have four Goorin Brothers hat shops. Treasures! They’re in Union Square, North Beach, the Haight and Berkeley. No excuses.


Back to holidays and hosiery, and dare I say again, fearless color? Women, please go crazy with tights. So many shades and styles, patterns and textures. Wear what you’ve always wanted to wear. Now’s the time – use the holiday party excuse.

And, hey, I just learned about a new (to me) way to be crazy stylish: rent clothes. The store motto is “Love. Wear. Return.” And I heard a real-life testimonial from a regular customer the other night that was so convincing, the next time I want to dress to impress, I’m going to think, ”Why buy? There’s”

I’m going to NYC this month for “the holidays,” so I promise to bring back fun ideas and photos for the new year!

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