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Journey to Masada by Laura Greenfield & Kim Becker

Every morning we wake too early and rush to meet our guide Muki at the tour bus. This day was going to be different for me. Masada was our destination and a place of legend that I never thought I would see. Expectation trumped fatigue. Traversing the winding roads from Jerusalem to Masada, we regretted […]

Touching the Jewish World by Ben Doyle

Many things have surprised me on this trip.  Daily in fact, I have experiences here that surpass my expectations or possibly more accurately defy my expectations by engaging me in something that is so far from my context that it was impossible to create a reasonable expectation; daily, for more than a week now.  Frankly […]

Back to the Future by Matt Bissinger

Back to the Future by Matt Bissinger

Today we literally took a walk backwards in history.  We started the morning with an 8:20 a.m. visit to the archeological dig along the Western Wall of the Temple Mount that has long been buried under the Arab Quarter.  The dig was started in 1968 and today one has the opportunity to walk almost the […]

This is not Lunch by Marina Peterson Saturday January 22, 2011

I want to take you through a brief recap of the fabulous culinary journey we have encountered our first week here.  Let me start by saying that I have not had hunger for many, many days now.  Although, I am beginning to adjust to the constant feedings and noticed when I awoke this morning around […]